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ceramic plate of aluminium oxide al2o3
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Technical Ceramic Parts

Technical ceramics that we primarily offer are aluminium oxide (alumina), zirconium oxide (zirconia), aluminium nitride, silicon nitride and silicon carbide. These five high-tech ceramics stand out because of high mechanical strength, high hardness as well as good wear, erosion, corrosion and heat resistance. Except aluminium nitride and silicon carbide, the materials also have excellent electrical and thermal insulation capabilities. Other important advantages are low specific weights and low friction coefficients. Each ceramic material has its own material-specific characteristics, several of which are beneficial in many applications. In addition to the above mentioned materials we are also marketing technical ceramics such as aluminium nitride, boron nitride, tehnical steatite, mullite and cordierite. Please ask us and we will help you to choose ceramic material.

Technical ceramics are often used to improve the performance of a product or to make a production process more efficient. Often, only ceramics work thanks to their unique properties compared to other materials. In many cases, it is the high temperature that sets the limit for materials such as metals and polymers. See table of material properties for technical ceramics.

Innovatec Ceramics

Send us a drawing and we will get back with a price quote as soon as possible

The majority of the ceramic components we sell are custom made. Accordingly, we look forward to receiving a technical drawing, preferably with a brief description of the application and possible material requirements. We will get back to you with a competitive price. For more simple parts like ceramic plates, tubes, rods and washers, it is enough if you specify dimensions, possible tolerances and desired ceramic material.

ceramic insulators of traditional ceramic material
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Technical Ceramics

Another segment is technical ceramics based on traditional ceramic materials. These ceramics are cheaper than pure technical ceramics and are frequently used in applications where the demands are not as high. The materials could be made of either porcelain, cordierite, steatite, chamotte or low-grade alumina. Which material to choose depends on the requirements. Read more about this under “About ceramics”.

product of machinable glass ceramic
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Machinable Glass Ceramics

We do also offer machinable glass ceramics of the same material composition as MACOR. Complex details are processed from finished materials from a special glass material to finished products. Small series of ceramic parts with complex geometries can be manufactured cost-effectively, rapidly and to tight tolerances. Machinable glass-ceramic materials are very good thermal and electrical insulators, both at low and high temperatures. However, these materials are more fragile and have lower flexural strength compared to conventional technical ceramics. This must thus be considered if the materials will be used in engineering applications. See table of material properties for ceramics.

ceramic products of alumina

Technical Ceramics –
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Development of Technical Ceramics

We would be glad if we could help you to develop your technical ceramic component. Thanks to our competence, you will obtain the desired product with the right properties for your application. Please let us hear from you and we will tell you more.