Ceramic Competence

We have competence in High-Tech Ceramics

Innovatec Ceramics has extensive experience of the whole production process for ceramic materials, which includes idea generation, material selection, design, construction, synthesis, processing, product manufacturing, analysis, testing and evaluation within the following prime areas:

  • Engineering ceramics or structural ceramics
  • Functional ceramics including electroceramics
  • Traditional ceramics

A selection of ceramic projects we have been involved in

  • Ceramic matrix composites (CMC) for gas turbines in jet planes for enhanced performance
  • Whiskers reinforced silicon nitride (Si3N4) as cutting-tool inserts for turning lathes
  • Ceramic substrates for catalytic high-temperature combustion
  • Exhaust port liners of aluminium titanate (Al2TiO5) cast in engine blocks for improved efficiency
  • Valves of reaction-bonded silicon nitride (RBSN) to be used in new combustion engines
  • “Low temperature co-fired ceramics” (LTCC) with integrated electrical passive components
  • Tape casting of insulating substrates of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) for the electronic industry
  • Piezo-electric ceramics (PZT) in multilayer structures for actuators
  • Piezoelectric ceramics as complex measuring units
  • Ceramic waveguide windows for industrial microwave reactors
  • Radar absorbing materials and structures for extreme high-temperature conditions
  • Reaction-bonded mullite (Al6Si2O13) by synthesis of Al:Si alloys
  • New method to form ceramic bearing balls with protein as consolidation agent
  • Injection moulding of magnets o barium and strontium ferrite (Ba/SrFe12O19)
  • Technique for coating of soles on oxide surfaces by electrostatic adsorption
  • Tooth implants of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) stabilized with yttrium oxide (Y2O3)
  • Development of new enamels for coating of cast iron components for diesel engines
  • Recycling of ceramic-based residuals in the metal casting industry
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) for the manufacture of silicon carbide (SiC) products

Research and development at Innovatec Ceramics

Innovatec Ceramics AB carries on research in its own premises in Göteborg, in order to maintain edge competence. One project deals with development of ceramic matrices, reinforced with long ceramic fibres. These materials are intended for high-temperature usage in harsh environments.

A method for filament winding combined with slurry infiltration of fibre bundles is under development. The resulting green bodies are carefully dried by different techniques and are subsequently sintered or reaction bonded, depending on the matrix material. Eventually, the manufactured specimens are evaluated by the means of mechanical testing and scanning electron microscope.

A licentiate’s dissertation at Chalmers University of Technology is the starting point of this research work.