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Technical Ceramics that we market

We sell technical ceramics and electroceramics for a variety of uses. We strive to keep the lowest price on ceramic parts in Scandinavia.

machined high-tech ceramic plate of silicon nitride Si3N4

Innovatec Ceramics

Technical Ceramic Parts

We are marketing technical ceramic parts for a wide range of applications. We focus mainly on engineering ceramics and other high-tech ceramics. Since the range of uses for these kinds of ceramics is immense, we ask you to contact us for more information. We will then be able to give advices on the best ceramic material and solution for your project. If you already know which ceramic component you want, please just ask us to quote a price.

Technical ceramics find increased usage as vital components in many applications for enhanced performance. A few examples of such ceramic parts are thread guides, spray nozzles, pipe linings and other wear protection systems. In these cases, ceramics are chosen because of their excellent wear resistant properties. Other examples of ceramic parts are pistons, rings, valves, ball bearings and slide bearings. Except good wear resistance, ceramics are in these cases used because of their low friction coefficient combined with good sealing properties and superior form stability. Another area is hybrid parts of metal-ceramic assemblies, which are useful in many machine applications. These parts have been joined together with well-proven techniques such as shrink fitting, brazing or gluing. Furthermore, there are high temperature ceramics as furnace tubes, protective tubes and insulation for usage at high temperatures.

Innovatec Ceramics

Ceramic Parts – Electroceramics

Electroceramics represent a considerable part of the ceramic market. Primarily, it is the electrical insulating capability of the ceramic material that is utilized. Primarily, it is the electrical insulating capability of the ceramic material that is utilized. The images below show a few examples of technical electroceramic parts intended for electrical insulation of electrical connections and as carrier of heating elements. These heating elements are for instance mounted in conventional baking ovens, heating furnaces or firing kilns. The components are produced in Sweden and delivered to customers in all of Scandinavia (Finland, Norway, Denmark) and other Nordic countries of Europe.

The components are used in applications where the following properties are required:

  • High temperature resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Resistance against temperature changes including thermal shock
  • Good electrical insulation – high resistivity

Technical ceramics are mainly made of porcelain, steatite, cordierite, chamotte or 80-95% alumina – all with their own specific material properties. The advantage of the listed materials is that the manufacturing process is relatively simple and therefore cost effective.

Material data can be found in Table of material properties of technical ceramics.

There is a large number of possible applications for technical ceramics. In addition, this kind of material can often replace more expensive engineering ceramics, such as pure aluminium oxide, in various advanced applications.

ceramic tubes of alumina

Ceramic Parts – production in Sweden

Since the products are manufactured in Sweden, a project can be launched rapidly. The lead time is short and there is a production capacity of both large and small series. There is a lot of tools in stock, which means that samples can be produced within a week. All produced ceramic parts are of high quality, but still inexpensive, which is founded on many years of experience and not at least a lean production.

Besides pure ceramic details, we also offer assembled units, such as prefabricated heating modules consisting of ceramic insulation parts and spirally wound heating wires.

Please contact us and we will assist you in your project

No matter if it is a question of technical ceramics or more advanced ceramics, we will always help you to choose the most suitable ceramic material for your needs. Please let us know and we will quote a price for either separate ceramic details or assembled units, ready to be installed.